MBBS Education in Philippines


We understand the inquisitiveness you hold if this is the first time you are planning to travel abroad for medical education. Mentioned here are some of the FAQ’s that will help you a lot to trail through.

What are the courses offered?

MBBS and MD.

What is the duration of the study?

Five years including the internship as associated with the course. The Internship can be done in India as well.

What are the major requisites for getting admission for studying MBBS?

A minimum of 50 percent marks in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology is mandatory for an admission in the MBBS courses.

What are the lists of various documents list that need to be submitted for an admission?

The list of various documents as needed for the MBBS admissions and are to be submitted, are as listed below:

  • School Leaving (SL) Certificate
  • Various certificates of Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Mark sheets of 11th and 12th Standards
  • Valid passport and it’s copies

The above-mentioned list of documents needs to be attested and notarized in the right manner.

Is it possible to avail educational loan for the course study? If yes, what is the procedure?

Yes, education loans can be availed for the course curriculum. Such loans can be availed from all the nationalized and other scheduled banks. To begin with the student has to apply for the loans directly to the bank within the area of their permanent residence. We help the students get through the process and assist them in procuring the loan by helping them arrange and provide the entire list of all necessary documents required from the University.

Are Scholarships available for these courses?

There are definitely many universities offering scholarships for international students, but this may vary from one university to other. Also, it must be noted that the cost of the course is much affordable and low.

Eligibility criteria for bank loans?

As per RBI’s regulation act, for pursuing education overseas one is eligible to benefit from a loan amount of approx Rs.15 Lacs. Whereas, the variation in the loan amount may also vary depending upon the income of your family as derived from of the salary certificates submitted.

Is accommodation facility available and is there any eligibility criterion for it?

Every single college/university hostel offers the advantage of accommodation facilities for students. However, hostel sharing is a compulsory activity right from the first year. But, from the second year onwards, one gets the freedom to enjoy their group stay with friends or relatives.

What is the total fee one has to bear for an MBBS Program?

Being specific, the total fees that need to be bore will vary from one university to the other. Also, this may depend on the type of university enrolled. Letting the concerned agency know about the university you are planning to get admission will help you a lot in this case.

Is visit of parents/relatives allowed to visiting?

Yes, while your stay in the hostel accommodation, parents/relatives/friends are allowed to visit.

Why study in the Philippines?

Studying in the Philippines is cheap, affordable, familiar, well-certified, globally recognised and also keeps you near to your country being in the same continent. Also, the medium of study being English makes it an ideal place to gain a quality education.

Are the degrees offered recognized by various medical organizations and councils?

The enlisted universities offer MBBS degree that has a true recognition by World Health Organization (WHO). Along with this, the degrees offered have a Medical Council of India’s (MCI) listing. For global recognition, the various medical degrees offered are recognized by the elite Medical Councils of the other countries, as well.

Can I get an opportunity to work in Medical Institutions/Government Hospitals?

After completion of the course one is 100% eligible to apply for both the government and the private sector jobs. This is a perfect route of opening aspect of medical practice in India and all over the world, as per student’s preference.

Is it possible to pursue MBBS/ MD overseas and practice in India?

Due to the medium of study being English apart from the local languages, one has ample opportunity to choose the place for medical practice not only in India but across the world. This opens doors to one’s career graph making it viable to choose the place for their career escalation in any of the countries of their choice.