MBBS Education in Philippines

About MBBS/MD Philippines

MBBS in Philippines is the dream destination for maximum medical students in Asia. Considered as the best education providing destinations in the continent of Asia, it makes the perfect educational place. Offering the best in class quality education at the most affordable prices as compared to any other country the MBBS and MD courses in the Philippines is recognized by Medical council of India as well as World Health Organization, that makes a professional qualified for career prospects in countries like- USA/UK/Middle East, etc.

Philippines- Making the Absolute Medical Education Destination for Foreign Students

MD (MBBS) In Philippines is definitely a “YES” for foreign students across the world offering admission for Indian Students at quite affordable tuition fees and low living cost. One can also book a medical seat in association with us at authorized Indian admission quota.

Why consider the Philippines?

There are various reasons behind studying in the Philippines, but the three most important ones are - a)Affordable studying and living cost, b) The medium of education being English helps in creating a professional with world class educational instincts, c) An authorized degree. Other than these factors one can find the maximum number of students as compared to students coming down from countries like-US/UK/Germany/Australia/France /Japan, etc.

Some of the other reasons for which you will definitely consider the Philippines for education are as follows:-

  • Multiple parents believe it as the right place for medical education
  • Medium for education is English as the Philippines are world’s third largest English-speaking country with highest literacy rate in English in Asia.
  • US education system implementation
  • Well recognised by World Health Organisation, IMED of ECFMG- USA and similar bodies
  • Affordable overseas education with reasonably priced tuition fees, accommodation, living, boarding, medical and dental expenses
  • Safe and secure environment with friendly staff and faculty
  • Higher global opportunities
  • Closest Asian country with higher proximity to India
  • Easy travel accessibility with several daily flights
  • Favourable tropical climate with similar disease pattern as in India
  • Same syllabus and curriculum as in India
Education System in the Philippines follows the American education system

The Philippines education system follows the American education system which makes it easier for the Indian students to follow. Also, the American education system is considered to be the highest followed education system around the world. There have been positive reviews from students studying in the Philippines mentioning how the education system over there has helped them improve their English skills and also to become a global citizen of a higher order. Multiple students from countries like-Korea, America, Taiwan, China, and many other foreign countries come down here itself for getting education. More than 5,000 foreign students every year come down to study in the Philippines. Only a few countries in Asia match the Philippines with the quality education they provide along with the fun associated. Marked as the 3rd largest English-speaking nation, the country is a huge knowledge resource, with a total up-to-date instruction, against a multicultural learning environment with the literacy rate of 93.9%. As the perfect destination to a number of ISO-certified universities and around 275 higher educational institutions it has been identified as perfect Center of Excellence and Center of Development. Along with American educational system, there are multiple other international schools in the country following the American, British, and German, Chinese, French, and Japanese educational tracks.

The business and accounting schools of the country have an adherence to the US’ Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); whereas the engineering and marine schools come under the APEC Engineer Registry and International Maritime Organization (IMO) white list. Students coming down to the Philippines for medical education have a guarantee of obtaining training from more than 115,000 teachers with masters and doctorate degrees. Apart from excellent education earned by foreign students does not one can also enjoy their stay in the Philippines with the awesome places to visit?

As per multiple studies it shows that it is one of the most affordable places to study as compared with other countries that are offering high- quality education. This is all because of the person’s modest lifestyle that is affordable at the minimal spending of US$350 to US$500 a month. With such an affordable and culturally rich heritage being followed in the country, it becomes a real place to study and reach heights in your career ahead.

Also, the American education system that is being followed in the multiple universities across the Philippines makes your degree globally recognized. This is a major success stone towards building the most diversified career in the future with open prospects in countries across the globe. Thus coming down to the Philippines for medical education (MBBS/MD) is the perfect option one can go for without a single hitch in mind.

Famous courses offered in the Philippines

Numerous courses are offered in the educational country of Philippines such as:-

  • MBA

Around more than 100 universities of the Philippines such as- University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines System, University of Santo Tomas & University of the Philippines Los Baños, etc.; excel in providing these popular courses to students across the globe creating world class professionals.

Important Facts to know about MBBS/MD degree in the Philippines

The degree offered: Doctor of Medicine

Difference between MBBS & MD:

MBBS and MD are both primary medical qualifications equal to ECFMG list of degrees as recognized from different countries; with the mere difference of education system they follow. MBBS follows British System of Education whereas MD follows American System of Education.

Total Duration: of this course: Approx 5 years and 4 months +1 year internship

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum 50% in, Physics, Chemistry & Biology subjects and pass in English in 12th. For reserved category score of 40% in Physics, Chemistry & Biology is needed.

Eligibility Certificate from the Medical Council of India before joining the MD course (assistance provided by us).